At Evolve Women’s Recovery, we specialize in the unique challenges faced by women in recovery.  We welcome all adult females battling addiction, including those who are pregnant.  More and more research shows that women who suffer from substance use disorder, trauma, and/or co-occurring disorders have unique treatment needs. This is partly because addiction and trauma are so intertwined.

We address trauma alongside addiction treatment to help women overcome any underlying issues fueling self-destructive behavior. Our trauma-informed addiction treatment programs utilize an integrated approach – based on theory, research, and clinical experience.  We specialize in pregnancy and addiction, parenting, family reunification, and addressing the unique challenges that women in recovery face.  

Our substance abuse treatment program for women is centered on providing freedom from the destructive thoughts, actions, and self-sabotage that stem from trauma and addiction. We pride ourselves on ensuring a safe and supportive environment that helps women as they learn to address the past and enhance the quality of their day-to-day living.